Chapter 21
Canton, Ohio

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The Quarter Century Wireless Association Inc. (QCWA) was founded December 5, 1947, as a non-commercial association of radio amateurs organized for the promotion of interest in Amateur Radio Communication and experimentation, for the establishment an advancement of the radio art and of the public welfare.

The Chapter 21 Charter was granted on May 15, 1963. The first meeting was held June 14, 1963. The first elected officers were President: Lyle Gray, W8EUK, Vice-President: Henry McLaughlin, W8OYV, Secretary-Treasurer: Camella Cicerello, W8NAL, and Directors: Rob Roy, W8HR, and Earl Reichman, W8NBK.

Chapter 21 meets monthly at Tim’ Tavern on the last Wednesday of the month for fellowship and rag-chewing. The chapter has 4 formal quarterly meetings typically in February, May, August and November at various local locations. These meeting are used to perform formal business and are followed by a presentation. They are preceded by a meal.

To be a member of chapter 21 of QCWA you must first be a member of QCWA. See for details. The most important is you were first licensed at least 25 years ago. In 2018 that would be during 1994. You do not need to be continuously licensed but must be currently licensed. Chapter dues are only an additional $5.

Constitution of QCWA 21

By-Laws of QCWA 21