Meet the Officers

President's photo.

Mel Vye - W8MV

President:  Mel Vye, W8MV, has been licensed since 1958 and has held the Extra Class license since 1966. An avid DXpeditioner, he has travelling to over 100 DXCC entites and has operated from 28 of them including 3Y0X, Peter One Island.

Vice President's photo.

Tom Price - KP2E

Vice President:  Tom was first licensed as WN8SZL novice class at age 14 in August 1954..He then has held general class, advanced class and extra class licenses as W8SZL,WP2O, KP2VI and currently KP2E. He served on the USS Black DD-666 in Viet Nam and on the Navys first communications ship, the USS Annapolis AGMR-1. He has a BS degree in Physics from Otterbein. He is an active member of the Virgin islands Amateur Radio Club on St Thomas USVI. Tom notes; I have been fortunate to have met so many interesting people through ham radio who are friends for life.

Treasurer's photo.

Les Myers - KK8K

Treasurer:  Licensed 1954, WN8TJF. Retired Bureau Chief Canton Fire. Consultant Automatic Fire Systems.

Secretary's photo.

Jim Grover - N8PZL

Secretary:  Jim has been a ham since 1979 and QCWA member since 2015. His call is N8PZL and he holds an Amateur Extra class license. He is also active in the Cuyahoga Falls Amatuer Radio Club and is their Educational Chairman.

First director's photo.

Dennis Moriarty - K8AGB

Director: K8AGB since January 1956, FCC Commercial Operators License since 1958 and membership with: Q.C.W.A., Radio Club of America since Jan. 1992, Serving as a trustee with the Canton Amateur Radio Club / W8AL, Serving as a Director (trustee) with Canton (Oh.) Chapter # 21 Q.C.W.A., Hirams Hams and a Honorary Member of : Amateur Radio Club of Columbia County,Inc.

Second director's photo

Perry Ballinger - W8AU

Director:  First license: WN8VYU / March 14, 1955. Second license: W8VYU / June 1955. Third license: W8AU / late 1976. Currently trustee for: W8NP Massillon ARC (OH). K3USN North Coast Navy RC (OH). CW mobile since 1957. High Seas /MM: USS Myles C. Fox, DDR-829 (NAZI), 1959-61. USS Hunt, DD-674 (NKIP) 1961. Present era: USS LST325 (NWVC) and WW2LST, Atlantic trip 2005. Life member ARRL, SOWP, QCWA, OTC, AWA . Currently Board Member USS LST Memorial, Inc. Radio restorer and operator WW2LST (cruising museum) 2003 until present.